Our well trained and experienced staff, carefully oversee all of the medical needs of our residents. Detailed records are kept on each resident and any problems are immediately forwarded to the resident's personal physician.

All medications, including both prescriptions and over the counter drugs, are carefully monitored, recorded and dispensed by our fully trained staff. Blood sugar levels are tested on all residents with diabetes from one to four times per day, as determined by the physician, and any significant changes in blood sugar levels are immediately reported to the physician.

All patients are weighed and have their blood pressure checked at least one per month and significant changes are promptly reported to the resident's physician. Sweetlana and Sister Rita also maintain ongoing dialogue with all of the pharmacists and physicians who attend to our residents. If a resident departs for a visit or trip with relatives or friends, detailed instructions are provided to the family for daily medications and they are double checked for compliance when the resident returns to St. Thomas.

Free transportation is also provided for all medical appointments. The medical well being of our residents is an extremely high priority.